This is a list of links to some of my favorite websites, or ones that I've found to be really useful.

Free Online Games

Official website of the Lensmoor MUD- definitely the best MUD I've ever played. Be warned that mudding can be highly addictive. *grin*
Atari or Nintendo style games
Pong-type game
Spiffy aquarium game

Jokes and Humor

A humor archive-some seriously funny stuff
The "Scarred for Life" humor column
The W. Bruce Cameron humor column
Dave Barry archive.-The Miami Herald site redirects you to the main page, but scroll down a bit and you'll see a link Dave Barry as one of the columnists. It's worth the trouble, trust me.

Miscellaneous Fun, Silly, or Interesting Pages

Find the spam!
Neopets-Free virtual pets
Photo Essays by Herman Krieger
The Boring Page
Click here to find out what your friends say behind your back
Digital Blasphemy-Free wallpapers for your desktop

Christian stuff (Disclaimer: Just cuz I put something in the "Christian" section, that doesn't mean I agree with the content of the site)

The Y Files
The Fifth Window- a really inspirational site
Kerygma- A mailing list for liberal Christians
Christian stories. Think "Chicken Soup."
The full text of the Book of Mormon
Christian Humor Refugee Forum-A forum I hang out at, comprised of people who used to participate on the Christian Humor forum at before they got rid of it. intelligent explanation and defense of the Christian faith. Not for those with short attention spans or simple vocabularies.
Balaam's Ass Speaks Journal-Funny stuff. Okay, I don't think he means to be funny. Nonetheless...
Trinity Foundation Inc.
The Christian Think Tank-Great for christians with questions
The Jefferson Bible
The Apologetics Index-great resource
Recovery from Bible Abuse
Articles supporting biblical errancy
Catholic Apologetics-answers to just about any question you could ever have
The Door Magazine-"The world's pretty much only religious satire magazine"

Other religious/antireligious/philosophy stuff

Atheists for Jesus
The Happy Heretic resource on all different religions
The Truth Shall Set You Free-an online book by an ex-christian
The Road to Xenu-a narrative account of life in Scientology Secular Web
An index of religious texts-from the Bhagavad Gita to the Tibetan Book of the Dead
The Great God Contest
The Skeptic's Annotated Bible
The Way to Peace-articles on philosophers and philosophies of peace
Landover Baptist Church-no, I didn't mess up; yes this does go in the antireligious section...
The Skeptic's Dictionary - Articles explaining skeptics' views of various religious, pseudoscientific, or cultural ideas.

Website stuff is where I got my cool backgrounds, counters, etc. for your website
The GIF Transparentizer-a simple online tool that gives GIF graphics transparent backgrounds

Jewish/Hebrew stuff

The entire Tanakh (Old Testament) in Hebrew, Massoretic, and Aramaic
Judaism 101
Games for learning basic Hebrew words
Bible Hebrew Resource Page
FoundationStone-Learn Hebrew for Free! A great downloadable program and tutorial.

Friends' Pages

Ciaran Hamilton -
New Wave Automotive - Knights of the Nazgul - RPG Guild page

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